Sturrock and Robson Africa is a member of the Sturrock and Robson Group.  The group, which was founded in 1951, is a successful international organisation serving a broad range of industrial markets.  The group manages a portfolio of enterprises focused on addressing niche segments, including health and safety.  Ideally placed to serve the African market, Sturrock and Robson Africa offers its customers a broad range of personal protective equipment (PPE), protective workwear, safety footwear and security systems.

In partnership with Envirox, another company within the Sturrock and Robson Group, Sturrock and Robson Africa provides a wide range of products and services within the environmental technology field.

Sturrock and Robson Group.
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Sturrock and Robson Africa offers attractive business opportunities throughout Africa for organisations that are geared to representing the company as a responsible distributor.

To qualify as a distributor, applicants will undergo a stringent due diligence process to assess financial standing, industry competence, resources to serve the market and the ability to hold stock.

Our brand partners are an important segment of our business and are expected to adhere to our core values and level of industry competence.  In return, they can rely on receiving all the support they require to service their customers in an informed and professional manner.

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