1016796 Miller Falcon 6m webbing snaphook retractable_large
1016796 Miller Falcon 6m webbing snaphook retractable_large

The Miller Falcon web is a self-retracting lifeline perfectly suited for the construction, industrial, warehouse, utility, mining industries, and for working in confined spaces.



  • Enhanced safety with its quick-activating braking system in case of a fall.
  • Lightweight for extra comfort
  • Polyamide housing with high-impact resistance
  • Polyester webbing with a length of 6m, and width of 17mm
  • Standard karabiner with an aluminium snap hook.
  • Breaking strength of ˃1500daN
  • Weight 1.66kg
  • Can operate in temperatures of -30°C to +50°C

Product Description


  • Perfectly suited to the construction, industrial, warehouse, utility and mining industries.
  • Ideal for confined spaces.


Self-retractable fall arresters are predominantly designed to work in a vertical position, and before use it is advisable to see whether there is no possibility of pendulum movement and that the cable is protected from any chance of being cut or damaged.  Once the device has experienced a fall arrest it will need to be returned to the manufacturer to be checked.

The Miller Falcon web 6m can be connected to a reliable anchorage point by its karabiner.

The anchorage point must be:

  • Have a resistance to 12KN
  • Be situated above the operator
  • Be vertical to the work surface
  • Have no sharp edges

The connector at the end of the cable must be connected to the fall arrest anchorage of the harness.

The lifespan of the product is 10 years, and should be inspected regularly before use.


E.C. Declaration of Conformity

EC Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EC Certificate Number

EC Attestation
EC Attestation

EC Attestation Number
0082-490-160-02-07-0088 EXT 01-11-07