1018014 MILLER Turbolite SRL_large
1018014 MILLER Turbolite SRL_large

This affordable alternative to shock absorbing lanyards provides an option for less fall clearance, and is best suited to the building and construction industry


  • Quick acting patent pending braking system
  • Small and light providing 2m working capacity lifeline
  • Polyester webbing designed for a greater resistance to abrasion extending its lifespan
    • Vectron core – 25.4mm x 1.5mm
  • Nylon housing is light, strong and impact resistant
  • Stainless steel twist lock carabiner with an 18mm opening
  • Aluminium scaffold hook with a 65mm opening
  • Built in swivel to prevent lifeline twisting
  • No annual recertification
  • Can be used for weight of up to 136kg, or 100kg in down level.
  • Built in load indicator informs when the unit needs to be removed from services.
  • Weighs 1.252kg


Product Description


  • Suited to all low space clearance
  • When used below the back D ring can be used in fall factor 2
  • Both sides can be used.

Additional information

Self-retractable fall arresters are predominantly designed to work in a vertical position, and before use it is advisable to see whether there is no possibility of pendulum movement and that the cable is protected from any chance of being cut or damaged.  Once the device has experienced a fall arrest it will need to be returned to the manufacturer to be checked.

The Turbolite Web WSA 2m C/W Scaffold hook and karabiner can be connected to a reliable anchorage point by its handle, a connector, a lanyard or a compliant fibre-type sling.

The anchorage point must:

  • Have a resistance to 12KN
  • Be situated above the user
  • Be vertical to the work surface
  • Have no sharp edges.

The connector at the end of the cable must be connected to the fall arrest anchorage of the harness