Forestry Kit

Technical Data Sheet


SNR (dB) 28
H (dB) 31
M (dB) 25
L (dB) 19


1 Each

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This Forestry kit is equipped with : Leightning L1H earmuffs (#1012539) provide superb benefit comfort and protection against hazardous noise, features patented Air Flow Control™ technology for optimal attenuation across all frequencies. SNR28. Bright orange polyethylene helmet increases visibility in the field. Light weight and vented on the top, it is ideal for outdoor work. Also featuring a rain gutter, this new helmet is made for outside applications. Fully equipped with a 6 points harness, it is also very comfortable. Mesh face shield (#1017800) is durable, flexible and easy to adjust (flip-up-and-down). Detachable brim / sun peak. Integrated neck guard protects from debris and sun/rain.


Leightning L1 headband : steel-wire construction provides high performance and robust durability; telescopic height adjustment remains fixed during use ; delivers optimal protection across all frequencies without increasing size or weight of earcups Mesh face shield : epoxy-coated stainless steel mesh resistant to all weather; lightweight design easy to adjust when worn; highly durable, maintains performance over time and with heavy usage.