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Flexible design, fantastic protection.

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Product Description

Flexible design, fantastic protection.

  • Can be worn with temples or elastic headband for a more comfortable and customizable fit
  • Adaptable eyewear that can be worn as you choose. Comes assembled with temples and is packaged with a headband for those choosing to adapt to their work environment
  • Provides protection against impact, sun, wind, dust and airborne debris
  • Soft and flexible nasal pads for comfort and to minimize nasal slippage
  • Flame resistant headband provides excellent fit
  • Lens come standard with our high performance Dura-Streme® Coating
  • Meets EN166, K&N markage


Application Art. No Lens Lens coating
Indoor use 1028640 Clear Dura-streme®
Low light conditions 1028644 HDL Yellow Dura-streme®
Outdoor use 1028643 Grey Dura-streme®


Minimum order quantity: Box of 10