HSE Solutions serves a broad range of industries in Southern Africa where the need for safe and healthy workspaces is critical. We have developed competency in the following markets:


Africa is a major producer of several of the world’s most important minerals and metals including Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Uranium, Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Bauxite and Cobalt. A growing world hunger for these resources means that the outlook for Africa’s mining sector remains bright.

With expansion comes the need to adopt best practices in all facets of the business, including the adherence to internationally recognised standards of health and safety. HSE Solutions offers appropriate products and solutions for the mining industry.

HSE Solutions - Premium PPE, Safety Equipment and Safety Products Suppliers in Southern Africa.

The development of infrastructure is essential if Africa is to meet its growth targets and many governments have already commenced with ambitious infrastructure development programmes that will facilitate optimum conditions for growth in commerce, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and the petrochemical industry.

The construction industry’s unique health and safety requirements call for specific expertise and experience. HSE Solutions has this competence and provides construction companies with complete peace of mind in respect of the protection of their people.

HSE Solutions - Premium PPE, Safety Equipment and Safety Products Suppliers in Southern Africa.

Africa’s proven oil reserves have grown by almost 150% since 1980 – increasing from 53.4 billion barrels at that stage to 130.3 billion barrels at the end of 2012. Even so, there is massive scope for further exploration. According to some estimates, there are at least 100 billion barrels of oil off-shore in Africa, only waiting to be discovered. Similarly, Africa’s proven reserves of natural gas have grown at roughly the same rate as its oil reserves over the past three decades – from six trillion m3 in 1980 to 14.5 trillion m3 in 2012.

The exploration, production and refining of oil and gas comes with its own set of hazards that require specialised health and safety products. HSE Solutions has the experience and knowledge to provide the correct solutions for all participants in the petrochemical industry.


The manufacturing sector is widely considered to be the ideal industry to drive Africa’s development. This is due to the labour-intensive, export-focused nature of the industry. There is a direct correlation between export levels and the economic success of a country.

In this labour-intensive market, the potential for widespread injuries of a severe nature abound. Also, unhealthy work environments pose serious challenges and are a hindrance to productivity and morale. HSE Solutions has a range of products and solutions customised to meet these challenges.


Fundamental to growth is the consistent supply of power and water. As Africa develops its economies, utilities will play an increasingly important role. Construction and operation of utilities requires a specific focus on health, safety and security. HSE Solutions has the expertise and knowledge to keep utility workers safe and assets secure.

HSE Solutions - Premium PPE, Safety Equipment and Safety Products Suppliers in Southern Africa.

It is increasingly acknowledged that agriculture has the greatest potential to lift the African continent out of poverty and alleviate hunger. As the agricultural sector in many countries develops from traditional subsistence farming to modern farming using the latest technology, there is a growing recognition that health and safety practices need to conform to international standards.

HSE Solutions - Premium PPE, Safety Equipment and Safety Products Suppliers in Southern Africa.

In many countries in Africa there is an increase in access to primary healthcare facilities, even in remote areas. These facilities provide basic services, such as vaccinations, antenatal and postnatal care, midwifery and treatment of HIV and TB. In the cities, new private hospitals are providing outpatient services and the reassurance of quality emergency care to the new middle class.