X-tend your possibilities.

The new League for Fresh Air and Breathing Protection. X-tend your possibilities.

During arc welding, grinding and many other dust-intensive activities, your airways are always exposed to harmful smoke, dust and often toxic gases. Wearing a personal breathing protection system is therefore essential – no matter how well ventilated your working environment may be. That‘s why the new e3000X offers you a highly modular breathing protection solution that you can adapt to your protection needs in seconds. If unpleasant odours or increased ozone concentration in the workplace cause mild nausea or headaches, do not hesitate to use the optrel mountainbreeze Odor/Ozon Filter. Or do you work with applications where you have to rely on comprehensive protection against gases? Not a problem. In a matter of seconds, you can expand the e3000X with the A1/B1/E1 filter – which immediately eliminates harmful gases. As versatile as your work processes, your e3000X can be adapted quickly and modularly!



  • X-TENDED PRODUCTIVITY – As soon as the fi lter in the respective air fl ow level is saturated, you receive an acoustic alarm and the new e3000X‘s intelligent alarm function switches fully automatically to the next lowest air fl ow stag – without you having to interrupt the work process.
  • X-TENDED PERFORMANCE – Efficiency is achieving as much air output as possible with as little energy as possible. We have managed to double the efficiency of the new e3000X by combining a performance-optimized design with the latest battery cell technology. With up to 18 hours of battery life and 240 litres of air per minute available at the touch of a button, the new e3000X is the perfect choice for the most powerful ventilated breathing protection system available on the market.
  • X-TENDED APPLICATION POSSIBILITIES – Who knows today what challenges we will face tomorrow? When choosing a piece of breathing apparatus, you are advised to make sure that your system of choice covers as many fields of application as
    possible. By purchasing a new e3000X you are securing a sustainable investment.No matter what you need to do – whether
    it‘s eliminating harmful welding particle filters today, ozone particels tomorrow or toxic gases the day after tomorrow – the new e3000X easily adapts to your needs