Technical Data Sheet


Entirely made from plastic material.
Equipped with 4 + 4 pre-drilled holes allowing the wall mounting.

Weight : 1100 gr
Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 100 mm


RGX-BG – Insulating gloves storage box
RGX-BGT – Insulating gloves storage box with talcum powder bottle



Storage and protective plastic box for electrician gloves.
It can be used:

  • in wall mounting (electrical substations, technical rooms)
  • as portable box (thanks to its retractable handle)


  • Ergonomic design
  • Transparent anti-UV window (to allow the operator check insulating gloves inside)
  • Large interior volume suitable for storing gloves on any class, size and length
  • The box can also accommodate leather protectors, cotton under gloves and talcum bottle
  • Integrated and retractable handle
  • Equipped with a glove retention tab, useful to avoid that gloves fall away when the box is open