Part Numbers

RGX-1704 :750ml bottle
RGX-1704 PACK : 16 bottles pack

Technical Data Sheet


Technical Arguments

Specifically developed to clean properly insulating rubber gloves.
To avoid the use of solvent-based cleaning product
Meets European requirements (Regulation 2016/425)


Product developed and compatible with REGELTEX insulating rubber gloves
750 ml spray bottle – Apply the product directly on the gloves’ surface and clean/dry with a microfiber cloth (recommended).
Can be used on the outside and inside of the glove.
The product is fragrant
After cleaning a powdered glove, it is recommended to apply talc (TS10T / RGX-FT) again.
Be careful, the detergent is water-based: avoid frost.
Instructions for use in FR / EN printed on the label – FT and FDS available via QR Code available on the bottle.