• New technical features and design
  • Panoramic wrapping lens available with AF+ and AS+ coatings
  • Temples regulation in length and inclination
  • Soft terminal tips to eliminate local pressure
  • Optimal comfort and fit thanks to the soft adjustable nosepad
  • New range of colours


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Product Code: 506U, 506U Clear, 506U I/O Category:


506UP presents technical and aesthetic improvements. The panoramic and wrapping lens is available with AF+ and AS+ coatings for superior performance in all conditions. The temples with rubber tips and adjustable in length and inclination, the total adaptability of the nosepad and the new range of vibrant colors allow a high degree of customisation of the device.

Product SKU Description and Data Sheets
506U.06.01.00 UNIVET 506U CLEAR AS/AF
506U.64.01.00 UNIVET 506U I/O AS

506 COC